If you are looking for homes in Huntsville you may be interested in knowing what are the best neighborhoods in which to live. These neighborhoods combine beautiful homes with all the most desired amenities.

Here are the best neighborhoods in Huntsville:

West Huntsville

West Huntsville is a charming rural neighborhood the combines affordable houses with a growing number of small businesses. This makes it the perfect place to live if you are either starting a business or love wide open spaces. There are further a bunch of new developments in the area, which will likely cause the value of the residential real estate to rise in future years.


Harvest is a great neighborhood if you are looking for your own little piece of Southern charm. This area was originally farmland, and you will still see vestiges of this as you drive through it. But that does not mean that the neighborhood is backward, as you will find there all the modern amenities you would expect. Prices of homes are also very low, but, like in West Huntsville, they are expected to rise considerably in the coming years.

New Market

Located not only near the airport but also close to the city's engineering and technology center, New Market is a rural neighborhood that is especially great for families, as it is within the Madison County school system, which is one of the best in the entire city. Also making it great for families are the abundance of parks there and low-priced quality homes.


If you are looking for a really friendly neighborhood, Madison may be the perfect location for your next home. This area is renown for its friendly people, and the prices of homes there are great, too. Like New Market, Madison is well suited for families, as it has a terrific school system and offers lots of outdoor activities. It also offers a quiet suburban neighborhood that has little in the way of traffic.

Hazel Green

If you and your family enjoy amusement parks, you love Hazel Green. Known as the Huntsville Home of Parks, the area is home to both the Blue Waters Spring Park and the Hazel Green Amusement Park. The neighborhood also provides terrific shopping opportunities, and it has some of the lowest home prices in the city. It is still possible to buy a beautiful and spacious home there for a little more than $100,000.

Huntsville Real Estate Market

According to Zillow, the median home value in Huntsville is a little over $150,000, and they categorize the market as being very hot right now. Home values have risen 7% in the past year, and they are expected to rise another 2% this year. The median listing price in the city is currently $250,000, which comes to a little more than $100 per square foot. Finally, if you are looking to buy or sell a home, you should check out Effective Agents. They will help you find the perfect agent based on their actual performance.


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